Quality of Castings

Castings are made to the customer requirements that are identifed at the quotation stage.

The quality of castings is documented. The scope of the inspection testing is agreed upon with the customer and may include:

  • Chemical composition of the alloy
  • Mechanical properties (HB, Rm, A5)
  • Dimensional conformity of the casting with drawing parameters (First Article Inspection Report)
  • Surface defects detected by visual inspection on 100% of castings
  • Internal defects of a casting as per ISO 9915
  • Tightness testing – pressure proofs
  • Surface roughness
  • Statistical inspection

Simultaneously, under subcontracting services, the following inspection testing is possible using the methods:

  • Fluorescent Penetrant Inspection (FPI)
  • Mechanical properties (Re)
  • Macro- and microstructure inspection

The Foundry has been granted the Quality Assurance System to ISO 9001 : 2015, certified by Bureau Veritas Cerification.