Casting Dimensions

Casting forming Overall dimensions max. (mm) Weight up to (kg) Average production series (pcs. per year ) Typical applications
Permanent mould 400 x 300 x 200 10 2 000 (30 000 for motor industry) Housings of brake pumps for the motor industry operating at pressures up to 15MPa, fuel pumps for aircraft engines and power hydraulics gear pumps
Sand mould 800 x 500 x 300 22 100 Housings of fuel pumps for aircraft engines, turbo-compressors for engines; gear housings; load carrying-parts of equipment
Pressure injection mould 400 x 250 x 200 2 20 000 Aluminium fancy articles not requiring any inspection of internal defects (production on pressure injection machines, horizontal, of 160t and 400t tonnages)