Company’s Profile

ALUCAST Wroclaw Sp. z o.o. is a modern supplier of precise, high-quality aluminum castings for the needs of the aviation, defensive, motor and electrical and machine-building industry.

We have production lines to make castings using sand, permanent and pressure injection moulds.

We accomplish orders starting with the mould and prototype design stage up to continual deliveries, on the scale from small-volume series up to high-volume series.

We are a recognized manufacturer of castings for the secondary market, accomplished basing on a customer model.

According to the customer requirements, we subject our castings to the following processes: testing and inspection, thermal improvement, machining, surface treatment and painting. We assure the deliveries of complete, finished product, to the selected consignee of our customer, in specific amounts and at a specific time.

Within the Group, we use an above 65 years’ tradition, know-how and experience of Zakład Odlewniczy Hydral (Hydral Foundry) – one of the leading suppliers of castings for the manufacturers of: machines, hydraulic and pneumatic equipment, power supply and control systems, electric, optical and electronic accessories.

We create long-lasting business relationships with our customers, guaranteeing our participation and responsibility in the development and continuous improvement of the product.